The following information is designed to help better understand the commercial lease process.

Process Timing
In general a company should allow anywhere from four to twelve weeks to identify a new facility, negotiate business points and legal terms, and move-in. This schedule is highly dependent on the specific search being conducted and can vary based on any of the following: availability of product in the market, scope and duration of work to be completed by the owner or tenant, complexity of the requirement and size of the company performing the search. A good rule of thumb is to start earlier rather than later.

Commercial Lease Legal Issues Houston
We strongly recommend that you read your commercial lease thoroughly and that you consult with an attorney prior to entering into any commercial real estate lease agreement.

Commercial Lease Business Points
In most leases there are several areas that may affect your companies bottom line now and in the future. These include but are not limited to:

  • Operating Expenses
  • Holdover Rent
  • Fire & Casualty Provisions
  • Landlord's Lien
  • Landlord Fees